Thursday, May 13th at 2:00 PM EST

The hybrid workforce changes everything: How we work with our clients, how we work with our teams, how we hire, how we outsource, and even how we manage ourselves. Before 2020, 3% of the U.S. labor force worked remotely, now it’s 42% - and rapidly growing. The changes from in-office to virtual office have been seismic and regardless of whether you lead a full-time remote team, a part-time remote team, or even just a sometimes remote team, you must learn new ways to lead so that your team can thrive.

In this webinar, we’ll share the key insights discovered while developing our recent ebook “Powering the Hybrid Workforce.” Plus, after our brief presentation, join us for an interview with Craig Dunlap, one of the most respected distributor leaders with Meyer Dunlap and now founder of Delegate CX, and an expert in process improvement, team development, and outsourcing. In this session, you’ll learn:

- How performance, oversight, and mindset can make remote-work work for you.
The missing pieces required to lead your team in harmony.

- The “exaggerated importance of business fundamentals” and how what you already know can help unlock process improvement and team development.

- How to maximize your personal productivity by learning a few fast rules for being a better boss of you.

Whether you lead a team or simply want to learn how to improve yourself in this new world of hybrid work, we hope you join us as we explore how to harness the potential of the hybrid workforce.

About The Hosts


Craig Dunlap

Craig Dunlap

Craig Dunlap is the Founder and CEO of Delegate CX, an offshore services firm dedicated to helping leading businesses grow smarter and faster while improving their customer experience. Through his experience outsourcing at previous companies, he realized that much of what we do as a supply chain is consumed with business tasks that shift our attention away from client service and growth. Because of that experience, he founded Delegate CX, experts who help business leaders discover ways to reduce their overhead, drive process improvements in their operation, and effectively delegate so they can grow.

Prior to founding Delegate CX, Craig was a co-founder of Meyer Dunlap, Dallas-based promotional products and branded merchandise company with revenues over $10 million. He and his business partner started Meyer Dunlap in 2010 and built it into an agency focusing primarily on custom requests, creative product ideas, and unique levels of service for large national brands, including Samsung, American Airlines, and Gold's Gym. He served as the CFO and COO, primarily focusing on improving the company’s level of services to its customers.

bobby lehew headshot 2021 final copy-2

Bobby Lehew

Bobby Lehew is the Chief Content Officer at commonsku, a cloud-based CRM, order management platform designed for the promotional products industry by promotional product experts. A 25-year industry veteran, Bobby was formerly the CEO at Robyn, a branded products fulfillment company that specialized in private-label, e-commerce company stores. A PPAI Gold Pyramid Award winner, a PPAI Silver Technology recipient, an Addy Award recipient, and recognized (in his work with Robyn) three years in a row by Inc. Magazine as one of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in the U.S., Bobby is co-host of the popular industry podcast, skucast and he is a national speaker on topics related to B2B marketing, company stores, productivity, and storyselling. Featured in ASI’s Counselor magazine as one of “41 people who are shaking up the market with new and innovative approaches,” Bobby is an ardent bibliophile and loves working at the intersection of art and commerce.



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