How to Set Epic Sales Goals for 2022

Have you set your sales intention for 2022? Are you hoping or wishing to grow, or are you planning and preparing to crush it? Many of us set sales goals too broadly while others set goals too small.

In this session, we’ll unpack how to aim and set the right goals for individuals, teams, and company-wide growth. Tactically, we’ll break down how to set sales targets by account, plus, talk about how to set inspirational goals that help you and your team find your inner grit and challenge your aspirations. After our brief presentation, we’ll be joined by Brett Boake with Score Promotions, whose team has realized epic, multi-million dollar growth, despite the challenges.

What you’ll learn:

- The trends that will impact your sales planning for 2022

- How to set sales goals by account, sales rep, or by business unit and how to map those to company goals

- Ways to inspire and motive your team through contests, incentives, and coaching 

- Tips on how to be a better coach for your sales team in 2022!

About Your Hosts

Bobby Lehew, commonsku

Bobby Lehew, commonsku

Brett Boake, Score Promotions

Brett Boake, Score Promotions

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